“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Benjamin Franklin

About Us

Helping children get an education around the world

We believe that every child has the rights to basic education. But all over the world millions can't go to school or have basic education. Even with the public schools being offered without a fee, many don't have enough to pay for books, school uniforms, and the required supplies.

Investing in these children future not only improves their lives but also improves the future of these countries. Let's take action today and let's all together improve the future of millions of children all over the world.

Educoin makes this possible by receiving a share of the Educoin you mine. You don't need to do any special configurations, it's all done and guaranteed directly from the blockchain.

Let's put our miners to work for the cause, everybody wins!

We have raised a total of EDU for charities!


Guaranteed charity fees on the blockchain
Continuing development with dev funds
Online and offline active presence
Dedicated and passionate team members


Q1 2019
  • - Announcement
  • - Website
  • - Wallet Release
  • - Listing on exchange
Q2 2019
  • - First charity partnership
  • - Quarterly updates on charity raised
Q3 2019
  • - Charity Partnership
  • - Mobile wallet
  • - Quarterly updates on charity raised
Q4 2019
  • - Charity Partnership
  • - use-cases for the coin
  • - Quarterly updates on charity raised

Coin Specs

Coin NameCoin TickerAlgoBlock RewardBlock TargetMature TimeMasternode CollateralPoW RewardMasternode RewardMasternode Start
EducoinEDUx11502 mins13 blocks100,000 EDU75%25%15 blocks
No ICO and No pre-sale